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EVA hot melt Adhesive and suitable
- Mar 02, 2017 -

In the actual production process, hot melt adhesive with hot-melt Adhesive heating temperature, the adherend material of different pros and cons and, the width and depth of milling, adhesive height, speed and bookbinder, such as different, have different effects.

(1) the heating temperature of hot melt Adhesive

Hot-melt Adhesive softening points should in General be at 80 per cent, which is heated to 80 c, colloidal should begin to soften and dissolve. The temperature is just the temperature of the hot melt Adhesive melting, melting reached the extent of bond books, heating temperature up to 130~180℃. At this temperature, gel viscosity and fluid, viscosity are suitable for books having binding.

(2) books the relationship between the different paper and glue temperature

Making books having the paper texture is different, so the gluing temperature should also be different. This is not only because the paper fibers are different, more importantly due to paper types, different texture on colloid produce different thermal conductivity, speed changes allow it to cool. Coated paper (also known as coated paper) and letterpress paper (non-coated paper), thermal conductivity, for example, former plastic cools faster than the latter. Because paint inorganic substances that are contained in the paper in the paper than non-coated paper of letterpress, news, plastic paper around 10 times higher, has good thermal conductivity of inorganic materials, it can make a rapid cooling of hot melt adhesive.

Is 170 ℃ in temperature on the same, non-coated paper hot-melt Adhesive tensile test value to meet the expected requirements, coating paper tension values up to less. Therefore, when coated paper glue, must increase their strength and improve the adhesive's temperature.