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Hot melt adhesive
- Sep 05, 2018 -

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Color: white, blue, green, gray, or customized according to customer requirements. Thickness: 0.2mm-2.0mm Packing: package or sheet. How to use hot melt adhesive port: all materials have a bonding interface temperature of 100-120 degrees and an activation temperature of 70-90 degrees. If hot/cold type setting machine is used, the hot mold temperature should be set to 125-135. Degree, hold for 7-15 seconds (temperature and time settings need to be adjusted according to the change of fabric material and inner material); if using the California type method, the temperature of the forming line heating activation system should be set to 110- 125 for 7-15 minutes.

Each shoe factory is using toe puff products, and there are dozens of manufacturers specializing in the production of Hong Kong treasures in mainland China. However, the domestically produced Hong Kong treasures are all formed from sheet materials. After the shoe factory returns the Hong Kong treasures, it must cut the pieces and cut the edges, and also cooperate with various design treatments or sewing requirements, and take into account the appearance of the shoes. The aesthetics and the comfort of wearing are therefore very demanding on various processes and the technical requirements of the operators are also very high. Caused a certain degree of operational difficulty and material loss. The machine equipment can directly produce Hong Kong tablets suitable for each shoe according to the style requirements of different shoes of different shoe factories. Thereby, the technical difficulty of the shoe factory operation is greatly reduced, a large amount of manpower and material resources are saved, and the waste caused by trimming and edge cutting is also reduced. It is truly the future trend of the production of shoes and diamonds. In the next 2-3 years, it will become a substitute for the existing Hong Kong film of shoe factories, and it will inevitably become a new investment project.

Low-temperature hot-melt film is commonly known as low-temperature hot-melt adhesive Hong Kong treasure, low-temperature Hong Kong treasure; the most advanced lining and back cover materials, with high elasticity of rubber and plasticity of thermoplastic materials; the viscosity is unchanged for many times; Not sticky characteristics. Operating temperature is extremely low, open time is suitable, and high bond strength characteristics. The finished shoes are beautiful in appearance, not easy to be deformed after molding, and have excellent resilience, excellent weather resistance and wear resistance, and green materials. No creases and ridges are formed during setting, which reduces the defect rate of the product and has good adhesion to various materials without applying an adhesive. Energy saving and excellent operability.