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shoe toe puff and back counter SOP
- May 09, 2018 -

SOP forLow temperature Hot Melt thermo sheet
Melting point   around 85°C±5°C
一、/Product Introduction

EU-PF13310W1.0mm*36"All our products has   passed SGS test and reached the European envirnomental protection standard。(See more data details in the test   report) The PF1 serise with   favorable price and good  performance,   Widely used for footwear making shoes back counter such as children's shoes,   lady's shoes,men's shoes, casual shoes, boots, hiking boots, work boots and   functional shoes.



二、/Cutting Direction 
三、/Skiving Method
(/See more details in Picture 1)


While skiving,Please   moisturize our products

or drip water on the   cutter point so as to lower

the temperature. The   appropriate skiving width 

shall be 8-10mm and   please make sure to

adjust the correct angle   distance between the

rubber wheels reaching   nearly zero at tail.

(See more details in   Picture 2)


   picture 2

The   temperature and time setting of the back counter

/Hot   Mold(Picture3)/Cold Mold(picture4)

/Internal Molding Temperature120-150°C-0°C
Interface Temperature of back counter75-85°C/20-35°C

   To check lamination peel off 5.5N/Cm² NO   Glue!

The   hot mold setting temperature depends on the tolerable temperature of shoe   upper and inner material.