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Skiving Procedure and Molding Procedure of hot melt adhesive sheet
- Apr 13, 2017 -

Skiving  Procedure

Operating instructions:1.Ensure the cutter clean and sharp

                                  2. Adjust the skiving machine hob to the appropriate spacing.

                                         3.Prepare suspension bottle with water for skiving machine.

Technical requirements: 

In skiving edge will produce friction heat, and the counter sheet melting point is lower which is about 70 ℃ , so it's easily to cause the counter fragments and sticking knives, So it's necessary and feasible to drip for skiving machine in time.

Molding Procedure

Operating instructions:1.Adjust the oven temperature, make the oven cavity temperature to 75-75 ℃

2Put the good skiving counter sheet on the oven belt pulley;

3Hot molding temperature 100-110℃and time  7-8S;

4Cold molding temperature 0℃and time 6-8S;

5 Freeze the finished products more than 20 minutes if possible,it's best to. 

Technical requirements: 

1Commonly set the temperature at 110℃ and the set temperature is different with the temperature of the belt.

2The molding temperature and time can make appropriate adjustment with the fabric material and thickness of the lining.

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