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Toe puff and back counter application and common issues
- Jul 14, 2018 -

When shoe factories making different kinds of shoes using different toe puff and back counters,it's important that for different shoes apply the correct toe puff and back counters,for example,for woman high heel leather shoes,it is strongly recommend to use Union Best VCL series toe puff and back counter,because VCL series has very good viscosity,low melting temperature,it stick with lining very tightly after heating at 70-90degrees for 8-15seconds,actually it will melt and penetrate into the lining,after the colding process,it making very good shape of upper,smooth and no wrinkle.

For sneakers,the upper is very thin,soft and very easy to penetrate,the VCL series toe puff and back counters very easily penetrate through the upper after the heating process and it can be seen clearly from outside of the upper,so for sneaker we must use EVA series toe puff and back counters to make sure the upper wont be penetrated and keep good shape of upper,as EVA series toe puff and back counters are very soft and thin,low melting temperature as well

For boots that used in Autumn or Winter,we must use the middle temperature,as in cold circumstances,the middle temperature toe puff and back counter can resist the cold and hold and support the upper from deformation 

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