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Hot Melt Adhesive Sheet Tells You How To Hot Melt Machine Cleaning Method
- Jun 09, 2017 -

    Hot melt adhesive bucket cleaning step

1. Set the temperature of the box to 150-160 ° C (appropriate according to the melt setting of the hot melt), unload the pressure of the glue pump, remove the hose and glue gun, drain the hot glue in the plastic box, Dispose of residual glue from the box and remove the filter near the filter and the mouthpiece. If the melter is just starting to heat up, you can directly remove the incomplete melting of the residual rubber from the plastic box. (Note with anti-high temperature glove operation)

2. With a special cleaning agent hot melt adhesive soak and clean the plastic box into about 1/2 plastic box capacity of the hot melt cleaning agent R solvent, the box temperature is set to 130 ℃, the filter box filter, filter The net and the nozzle are also placed in the cleaning agent, soak for about 30 minutes, and then use the cotton cloth to clean the four walls and the bottom of the box to remove the heating tank attached to the wall of the carbon, and then from the plastic box mouth emptying cleaning agent. If necessary, add about 1/3 of the capacity of the R box solvent, repeat the above operation. And then with a soft cloth in the plastic box of carbon or impurities completely clean up. (Prohibited with gasoline, days that water cleaning)

3. Clean the nozzle, nozzle, spray gun, adapter, filter with high pressure air flow or manual softening of the impurities to remove, and wipe clean with cotton. In the cleaning process to check the appearance of the filter, if damaged, please replace the new filter.Hot Melt Adhesive Sheet

4. After cleaning the melter machine after the operation, until the above steps are completed, connect the melter system. Add hot melt adhesive, according to the equipment manual set set box / hose / nozzle temperature, until the hot melt melt can start after the production. In the actual production process, please carefully observe the nozzle at the hot melt of the spray shape.Hot Melt Adhesive Sheet


1, in the process of cleaning hot melt machine, please wear protective glasses and heat high temperature gloves.

2, to ensure that the hot melt machine completely clean, or residual carbon carbide will enter the nozzle and again blocked.

3, the actual use of temperature Please follow the instructions on the hot melt machine on the recommended temperature.

4, such as the production line temporarily shut down more than 2 hours, please adjust the tank temperature to about 130 ℃.

5, different grades of hot melt adhesive prohibited mixed use.Hot Melt Adhesive Sheet

6, in the production process, please close the plastic tank cover and keep the scene clean. (Forbidden all fire)

    How to make hot melt machine long and stable use

1, select the PH value into the medium-sized hot melt adhesive.Hot Melt Adhesive Sheet

2, select the low potassium value of the hot melt adhesive.

3, select the heat resistance is good, can continue to heat the high stability of hot melt adhesive.

4, to avoid a large number of hot melt adhesive in the barrel to do repeated heating cooling.

Suggestion: (1) try to run out of the day the amount of hot melt.

      (2) Do not put too much glue in the plastic bucket.

5, not hot melt adhesive other than the lumps, debris into the plastic bucket.