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Analysis On The Market Of EVA Hot Melt Glue Sheet
- Jul 03, 2017 -

    The main performance index for Hot Melt Adhesives is 18-20 of the VA content (90% of the amount of hot melts), the melting point is different from 6 to 400 depending on the application of the product, and there is no manufacturer to offer the hot melt adhesive. 2014 is LG petrochemical Hot Melt Adhesive actively expand the market for one years. Traditional hot melts generally have hydrophobicity, hydrophilic hot melts through a special formula to make it hydrophilic, each kind of hydrophilic hot melt adhesive application can give higher value-added products, so that the product manufacturers in the current competitive market, effective product differentiation, and ultimately win consumers.EVA Hot Melt Glue Sheet
    Hot melts are mainly divided into the furniture edge adhesive, plastic, plastic particles, rubber powder, collers glue, and so on, which the furniture edge adhesive occupies a larger market share. Hot melts The main production enterprises concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta and the PRD region, and the industry has obvious characteristics of the light season, generally 9-October for the production of the most prosperous season, then with the spring festival gradually approaching by the labor and logistics tension and other factors, production gradually weakened. To the next 2 March, furniture sales peak season, hot melt adhesive production again improved. 2014 Hot Melt Adhesive Industry integration is obvious, large manufacturers because of high-end technology mature, production, sales, in the procurement and sales of a certain advantage, a larger profit margins. Some workshop-type enterprises, due to technical standards and lack of profit space, enterprises gradually withdraw from the market. According to Zhuo Chuang Information estimate, 2014 hot melts the profit in 2000-5000 yuan/ton unequal. 2010 Domestic Hot Melt adhesive demand of about 90,000 tons, 2006-2010 hot melts annual growth of about 8%-9%, expected in the next 5 years of demand annual growth rate of up to 10%, to 2015, domestic hot melt adhesive market demand will reach 150,000 tons.EVA Hot Melt Glue Sheet
    Low temperature hot melts break through the traditional hot melt adhesive limit. Its normal operating temperature is only 110, low temperature hot melts than traditional hot melt adhesive using temperature of 30 Shan or more. Low temperature hot melt adhesives and traditional hot melts have a significantly lower viscosity value, to ensure that at low temperature operating conditions to meet the requirements of the coating process. The direct benefit of low-temperature hot melt adhesive is to save electricity and machine maintenance cost. A large number of practical applications show that the same hot melt glue machine, the use of low-temperature hot melts can save customers about 15% of the electricity tariffs. And because of low-temperature hot melts in its 110 normal operating temperature almost completely no crust, carbon and other aging phenomenon, making the machine maintenance costs greatly reduced. More importantly, low-temperature Hot melt adhesive will not scald PE film.EVA Hot Melt Glue Sheet