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Anti-oxidation Effect Of Hot Melt Adhesive Sheet
- Sep 15, 2017 -

     Do not use the individual nylon slices, at this time the preparation process will include depolymerization, condensation and molecular-level mixing, etc. so-called molecular seal end agent, is a kind of aromatic (unit) carboxylic acid, the existence of the end agent molecule can prevent the polycondensation reaction to continue, so can control the size of polymer average molecular weight by adding or decreasing the dosage of the end agent. Thus affecting the melting point and melt index of hot melt adhesives.Hot Melt Adhesive Sheet

     Antioxidant is a strong reducing agent, in the condensation process does not allow the presence of oxygen, therefore, before the reaction begins, the reaction kettle should be evacuated and filled with inert gases (such as nitrogen), but considering that the air in the kettle cannot be completely replaced, add antioxidants to eliminate the residual oxygen in the reactor. Anti-aging agent is also a reducing agent , its role is to slow down hot melts in the process of use due to air, sunlight and other effects of aging process.Hot Melt Adhesive Sheet

     Fluorescent whitening agent gives the fluorescence of hot melts, and has a certain whitening effect. Hot-melt tape fluorescence, in the production process of interlining, it is easy to observe the coating effect under the ultraviolet lamp, so as to monitor the quality of interlining production, but also for the final test of interlining to provide convenience; so-called coagulant, also known as nucleating agent, is a stable performance of inorganic salts, its role is in the hot melts in the solidification process of "crystal nucleus" , thereby increasing the solidification speed.Hot Melt Adhesive Sheet

    Hot melts This thermoplastic material is very poor in crystallinity, the molecular mass distribution range is wide, after melting, the solidification rate is often very slow, so it is necessary to take some measures to promote the coagulation. The water dosage is very small, the molecular mass distribution of macromolecules has a certain balance, at the same time, the presence of water also plays a role in the temperature and pressure in the kettle.Hot Melt Adhesive Sheet