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Application Of Hot Melt Adhesive Sheet In Automobile Industry
- Aug 15, 2017 -

      In order to comply with the national environmental protection policy, waterproofing membrane industry are using synthetic polymer waterproofing membrane adhesives, this product is characterized by synthetic elastomer as the base material, and then add anti-aging agents, promotional agents and other additives compound, room wet curing, concrete good stability, and has a strong adhesion, soft water resistance, anti-aging and other special card. High temperature and low temperature effect, holding a long and comprehensive adhesion strong, fully in line with the national standard of polymer waterproofing membrane adhesives. The most stressed, bl-704w and other series of waterproof coil adhesives through third-party testing, in line with EU environmental testing.Hot Melt Adhesive Sheet
      With the improvement of auto production level, the automobile industry needs a lot of fast bonding, and can adapt to high-speed automation production and environmental protection adhesives, hot melts just can meet all of the above requirements, so hot melt adhesives in the automotive industry more and more widely used, most of the hot melts in the car use examples, but different parts and uses will choose different kinds of hot melts. If by material classification, have Eva, rubber, Apao and pur, PA, PES and so on. But in recent years with the automotive industry to environmental protection requirements are increasingly high, so low VOC polyolefin hot melts are widely used. In the European market, especially in the car ceiling, door panels, carpets, seats and other parts of the need for a larger amount of gelatinize has been used polyolefin hot melts. In addition, many car companies in the production of cars have been considered in the car after the recycling of resources, polyolefin hot melts in the car recycling more advantages.Hot Melt Adhesive Sheet
     When it comes to hot melts on the roof of the car, is the PP, PE plastic sheet and metal bonding between, Bonglin introduced the polyolefin category 378E, all imported raw materials, has a strong adhesion, and considering the winter and summer car roof temperature difference is larger, 378E has excellent weather resistance, fully meet the temperature requirements.Hot Melt Adhesive Sheet