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Characteristics Of Hot Melt Adhesives
- Mar 02, 2017 -

1. usually solid at room temperature, melting into liquid when heated to a certain degree, once it has cooled to below melting point, and quickly became a solid, (the cure);

2. fast-curing, low-pollution, strong adhesion, adhesive layer has some flexibility, hardness, and a certain toughness;

3. glue smearing on the adherend cooled and solidified after the glue can also heating and melting back into bonding adhesive with the adherend, has a certain stickiness;

4. when in use, as long as required to heat the hot melt Adhesive melting into liquid and onto the glued on, can be completed in a few seconds after pressing adhesive curing, hardening cooling and drying can be reached within a few minutes of degree.