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Chemical Chemical, Water, Chemical And Low Temperature Difference Between The Hot-melt Adhesive Chemical?
- Mar 02, 2017 -

1, chemical setting materials after low temperature hot melt adhesive is the elastic memory, more meticulous and hardness, toughness in the production process, waterproof without distortion, while traditional chemical Hong Kong Bao stereotypes is hardening, and time will soften after deformation;

2, and Hong Kong treasure film General with in shoes fabric and in cloth Zhijian, for shoes of stereotypes, traditional of skin pulp water Hong Kong treasure and chemical tablets Hong Kong treasure with of material somewhat like cardboard of that, used soaking softening method and bubble solvent (toluene) softening method, products more thick, forming time long, elastic very poor; and low temperature hot melt rubber Hong Kong treasure tablets, film hardness strength high, toughness good, can while meet heat, Hardy sex of requirements, and can and other additives is good of fusion, uses wide, bonded force strong, can stick attached many different nature of base material.

3, the required water chemical application sizing, the process is time-consuming and not cost-effective;

Low-temperature hot-melt Adhesive chemical high melt viscosity, you do not need glue, simple operation, directly through the oven can bond, completely breaks the traditional complex operation, saving time, in line with the benefits of the market economy.

4, the traditional leather water chemical and chemical chemical harmful to the body, and irritating to the skin, mucous membranes, have side effects on the central nervous system, and low-temperature hot-melt Adhesive chemical nonpoisonous and tasteless in the production process, which belongs to the internationally recognized eco-friendly materials.

China is the world's largest footwear manufacturing base, the future development of China's shoe industry is bound to from the lower-end market to high-end market, product upgrades is an inevitable trend. With the progress of society, improvement of people's living standard, people will continue to increase demand for shoes on the one hand, on the other hand people will pay more attention to environmental protection, energy saving, high added value shoe. At low temperature hot melt our treasures as the most important new shoe materials, demand continues to rise, low-temperature hot-melt Adhesive chemical on the market instead of traditional chemical Hong Kong treasure is the inevitable result.