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Chemical Classification
- Mar 02, 2017 -

1) pulping chemical-----mining water softening, such chemical is a leather midsole leather chemical materials, hand-made shoes to soften laws before, Italian leather shoes in traditional thought, using such uneconomical Hong Kong treasure.

2) chemical chemical-----mining immersion solvent (toluene) softening such chemical extraction solvents to soften, as one of the revolutionary shoe the shoe industry in recent years. Its characteristics to solvent-soaked very soft, best shoes, without having to add or enhance any processing, drying and cooling effect can be reached after stiffness, for the shoe industry use way. advantages: cheap, easily molded. disadvantages: thicker, forming long time. elasticity is the worst.

3) hot melt Adhesive chemical-----production-heat softening method: using heated (about 100-120 degrees), placed in front of the shoe lining in advance "hot melt" softening, in order to facilitate lasting, advantages: fast, thin, elastic good general chemical. shortcomings: the higher difficulty of forming, heat control is not easy.

Addition in hiking boots and safety shoes have also used pieces of iron and other special materials as Hong Kong treasure