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Chemical Description Of The Purpose
- Mar 02, 2017 -

Sponge leather insole and PU material

1, the application of solvents include toluene, acetone, Ding Tong, dichloromethane can play a bridging function.

2, can be touched directly touch the solvent used, can also be stained after solvent wipe with a brush, both can play the best adhesion results

3, when advance shall be fitted upper heel skin, apply adhesive using yellow paste, brush evenly back and forth. Do not brush too thick, so that it sticks in the back, easy to pack wind, Peel.

4, Hong Kong's precious water: summer: p-30%, 70% and quick-drying,

Winter: p-20%, 80% and quick-drying.

5, Hong Kong treasure into the uppers, two waist to brush on the Po in Hong Kong makes it easy with toluene climbing shoes and hard to wrinkle, easy hair. Chemical toluene to brush the lower edge makes it difficult to corner after the package features

Pros: low cost, easy to use.

Disadvantages: glue toxic toluene and other solvents are not environmental protection, hardness is not good, wear after deformation.