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Chemical Sheet In The Production And Processing Of The Process
- Oct 11, 2017 -

The introduction of virtual manufacturing technology in the modern sheet metal forming industry allows mold engineers to shorten the design cycle and improve the quality of the forming parts. In this paper, the general process of numerical simulation of sheet metal forming is summarized, and the existing problems and corresponding countermeasures of CAE application are discussed.Chemical Sheet

Sheet metal stamping technology as a standardized production process, in many areas, especially in the automotive industry occupies a pivotal position, and the automotive industry in many developed countries in the world has become the pillar industry of the entire national economy. In this sense can be said that sheet metal stamping technology is an important indicator of the level of national industrialization.Chemical Sheet Industrial developed countries in the plate accounted for about 50% of the total steel production, the plate per capita consumption of 200 kg, the per capita consumption of plate has become a symbol of social prosperity and consumption of one of the signs. According to statistics, the plate after forming the equivalent of 12 times the price of raw materials to add value, so as to obtain huge economic and social benefits. Plate forming is a direct investment before the main deep processing methods, forming a prominent prominent position.Chemical Sheet In the traditional sheet forming process, when the mold design and manufacturing is completed, need to undergo repeated debugging, in order to get a satisfactory shape parts. In the debugging process, some forming defects, such as rupture, wrinkling and rebound and other issues, mainly by virtue of the experience of mold engineers, through trial and error to solve the trial and error. This method not only reduces the production efficiency, and only a small number of mold engineers after years of accumulated experience to master this skill.Chemical Sheet Wood is mainly composed of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin, cellulose to have a high tensile strength, lignin has a high compressive strength. The three prime wood, not only to make it flexible, but also has a high toughness. Therefore, the wood fiber material and plastic mixed together, and then put it in a dedicated mold, under high temperature and pressure conditions, with a special processing technology, will be closely combined to form a new type of wood-plastic composite materials.Chemical Sheet