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Classification Of Chemical Sheet
- Aug 15, 2017 -

      At present, the domestic chemical new materials market has a huge market gap, the import volume occupies most of the domestic market share, the domestic chemical new materials overall self-sufficiency rate is around 56%, of which the fresh field of chemical materials self-sufficiency rate of only 52%, engineering plastics and special rubber self-sufficiency rate of only 35% and 30%. Generally speaking, chemical new material products will experience the product gross margin fluctuation and import substitution rate rising process.Chemical Sheet
     In the process of import substitution of new chemical materials, most of the products are not outstanding, some products are in short supply, the enterprise capacity expansion of mastering core technology can obtain the profit proportional to investment, most enterprises can achieve sustained and rapid growth. High barriers bring high returns, cutting-edge chemical new material products gross margin of more than 70%, far more than 15% of the bulk of chemical industry average profit. As the chemical production of materials and process conditions are different, so the variety of chemical materials, models, specifications complex, including the general engineering materials, but also the chemical plant special performance, special purpose materials.Chemical Sheet
     Chemical materials are divided into metallic materials and non-metallic materials two categories. Chemical metal materials can be divided into ferrous metals and non-ferrous materials. Ferrous metal material mainly refers to iron and steel, most chemical machinery and equipment is made of cast iron and carbon steel. High alloy iron, high alloy steel (such as high ferrosilicon, high nickel iron and all kinds of stainless steel) and nickel, copper, aluminum, titanium, zirconium and its alloys, are also widely used in chemical production.Chemical Sheet
     Non-metallic materials are widely used in chemical industry, such as plastic, rubber, glass, ceramics, enamel and non permeable graphite. Plastic develops rapidly, corrosion resistance is excellent, the application of the most extensive, not permeable graphite not only heat, acid, but also high thermal conductivity, dosage is also more; ceramics, glass and other acid-resistant good, but brittle, and can not be made into large-volume equipment, so its own use is limited, but can be used in chemical materials plastic to make up, lined with metal surface, made of corrosion-resistant enamel equipment, lined (or lining) glass tanks, cans and so on.Chemical Sheet