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Comparison Of Properties Of Hot Melt Adhesive Sheet
- Oct 27, 2017 -

Hot melts at first mainly used in books and periodicals of wireless binding, in order to replace the traditional use of inconvenient, the effect of the poor preservation of wire binding and process lag, production speed is very slow binding, greatly promoting the printing of books and periodicals to high-quality high-speed steering process, so that collers bookbinding produced a historic revolution. Later, with the carton packaging printing quality requirements are increasing, hot melts began to be used in corrugated carton box.Hot Melt Adhesive Sheet

Traditional use of adhesive tape and even banding of the sealing method has been significantly lag, it not only affects the overall appearance of packaging, and in the durability, anti-theft and other aspects also exist a great defect. At present, as a new type of carton, carton packaging sealed form, hot melt adhesive sealed plastic box has begun to replace the traditional packaging and packaging packing, applied to a variety of food carton packaging and wine, dairy products such as corrugated carton packaging. Hot Melt Sealing box has the advantages of good packaging quality, beautiful appearance, low cost and good anti-theft effect, which makes the application of hot melt sealing box more and more popular.Hot Melt Adhesive Sheet In view of the hot melt sealing box is a new technical method, in the use of some problems will inevitably arise, therefore, we should pay attention to mastering the characteristics of hot melts and the use of technology to ensure the quality of the plastic box.Hot Melt Adhesive Sheet

Hot melts mainly have Eva series hot melts and pt~ ' R series Hot Melt Jiao. Eva Department of Hot melts is the early use of products, it has fast bonding, low price, easy to operate (with reversible), easy to keep the advantages. However, because the EVA system hot melts by the solvent, low temperature, high temperature and other conditions, the existence of poor durability, smear volume, adhesion strength is not high, adapt to the less material and other defects, for this reason, later issued a moisture reaction-cured polyurethane reactive hot melts (PUR), by air moisture to promote hardening, The deficiency of the EVA system is effectively improved.Hot Melt Adhesive Sheet

The latest pur-hot melts can be adapted to different paper thickness, coating conditions and printing inks, its adhesion strength than ordinary Eva adhesive $number, pur-Film thickness than standard Eva hot melts can be reduced by 50% or thinner, And the unique of pur-hot melts is that it can firmly adhesion coating paper and many other materials, including varnish coating, UV curing layer, plastic film and so on.Hot Melt Adhesive Sheet