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EVA Hot-melt Adhesive
- Mar 02, 2017 -

Preheat 1.EVA hot melt Adhesive

EVA hot-melt Adhesive before use, first you want to preheat the melting glue. Warm up in two ways: an oil bath preheated jacket melting pot preheated and another electric preheating, which uses electric hot plate device in direct preheating preheat the melting pot. Warm-up time is generally 2 hours until the gel is the desired temperature, and have good liquidity, preheating after passing through constant release pipe glue to the temperature in the 160~200℃ pot, for use by the adhesive set with books having.

2.EVA hot melt Adhesive and suitable

In the actual production process, hot melt adhesive with hot-melt Adhesive heating temperature, the adherend material of different pros and cons and, the width and depth of milling, adhesive height, speed and bookbinder, such as different, have different effects.