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Eva Hot Melt Adhesive In EVA Hot Melt Glue Sheet
- Jul 10, 2017 -

             Eva Hot melts is a solvent-free, moisture-free, 100% of the solid-melt polymer, at room temperature for solids, heating and melting to a certain degree to be able to flow and have a certain viscosity of liquid adhesives, the melting of light brown translucent body or white.

             The main components of hot melts, that is, the basic resin is ethylene and vinyl acetate under high pressure copolymerization, and then with the viscosity-adding agent, viscosity regulator, antioxidants and other hot melts. Eva Hot Melt Adhesive has the following characteristics: 1. At room temperature is usually solid, heated to a certain degree when molten liquid, once cooled to the melting point, and quickly become a solid, (that is, cured); 2. With fast curing, low pollution, strong adhesion, adhesive layer has a certain flexibility, hardness, and a certain degree of toughness; 3. The glue is applied to the glued material to cool and solidify the adhesive layer, also can be heated and melted again, again into the adhesive and bonded with the adhesive, with a certain viscosity; 4. When used, as long as the hot melts melt into the required liquid, and smear on the glued object, after compression in a few seconds can be completed bonding curing, in a few minutes to achieve the degree of hardening cooling and drying.EVA Hot Melt Glue Sheet

             In China now production and use of Eva hot melts, bookbinding is generally divided into high-speed rubber and low speed rubber two kinds, high-speed glue curing speed slightly faster, low speed glue curing slightly slow; according to the viscosity of different materials are divided into uncoated paper, coated paper with a few plastic, and the glue and the side of the adhesive to adapt to the strength and needs of the adhesive, so as to achieve good bonding effect. The use of hot melts to grasp the preparation process before use, such as pre-adhesive, temperature and so on.EVA Hot Melt Glue Sheet

             Eva hot melts before use, the first to the solid glue to preheat melting. Preheating method has two kinds: one kind uses the oil bath preheating, namely the jacket melting pot preheating, another kind of electricity board preheating, namely uses the electric heating board installment in the preheating melting pot directly preheating. Preheating time generally in 2 hours, to be colloid to reach the required heating temperature, and there is good liquidity, that is, after preheating qualified, and then through the constant temperature pipe will release the glue to the 160~200℃ of the work of the glue pot, for binding book books, such as the use.EVA Hot Melt Glue Sheet