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EVA Hot Melt Glue Sheet Advantages
- Oct 11, 2017 -

Hot melt adhesives and water-based adhesives and other adhesives compared with many advantages.For a wide range of applications. Adhesive high strength, easy to use, without vulcanization and thermal crosslinking. Bonding speed, no lytic pollution, no drying equipment. Will not freeze and so on. At the same time because the hot melt adhesive as a solid, so easy to package. Transport and storage. Can also be made in advance easy to use the geometry, to achieve continuous, automated operations. Hot melt adhesive is made of thermoplastic resin as the main body, and part of the modified Jing and processing aids prepared by the composition of the chemical structure of the thermoplastic resin is divided into several categories of LA: ethylene a vinyl acetate, Hospital glass, polyethylene and nitrogen and other vinegar, etc. The use of footwear industry is mainly the first three.EVA Hot Melt Glue Sheet

EVA hot melt adhesive is the largest variety of hot melt adhesives, it is ethylene and vinyl acetate copolymer.With the ethylene and vinyl acetate ratio changes, the performance of the copolymer is also a big difference in the melt index is certain circumstances, acetic acid The increase in the content of ethylene elasticity, flexibility, compatibility, transparency and solubility of the increase in the melting point of the decline, if the initial grade of ethyl acetate is similar to the density of polyethylene, that is, rigid, wear resistance, chemical stability The EVA copolymer used in hot - melt adhesives has a vinyl acetate content greater than 28.EVA Hot Melt Glue Sheet

EVA hot melt adhesive must be added with some of the Jing, in order to performance and price on the more appropriate. Its typical components contain E VA resin, tackifying resin. Viscosity and surface tension adjustment Jing, antioxidant Jing and filler. Adhesive resin with ancient mullon resin, mushroom seed resin Butyl benzene tree b9. Petroleum resin and pine -ff. Hydrogenated rosin, pine tar, random polypropylene and so on. The addition of tackifying resin can significantly improve the bonding strength of hot melt adhesive. Improve the adhesive properties. Viscosity and surface strength regulator mainly paraffin wax and polyethylene wax paraffin wax, in most cases the use of ordinary paraffin.EVA Hot Melt Glue Sheet Paraffin water can reduce the overall viscosity and surface tension of hot melt adhesive to improve the wetting of the surface of the hot melt adhesive and adhesion: so as to achieve the purpose of improving the bonding strength. At the same time. Hot-melt properties of hot-melt adhesives.EVA Hot Melt Glue Sheet