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High Strength Hot Melt Adhesive Sheet
- Jul 10, 2017 -

                 Hot melts is a kind of plasticity adhesive, it is in a certain temperature range of its physical state with the temperature change, and its chemical properties unchanged, it non-toxic tasteless, belong to environmental-friendly chemical products. So it is one of the more commonly used adhesives, but how to choose the right hot melts?Hot Melt Adhesive Sheet

                The following aspects are only for reference: first, the color of hot melts: if the adhesive substance itself no special requirements for color, then you can use yellow hot melts, generally speaking, yellow hot melt adhesive than white better point. II. Substance surface Treatment: Hot melt adhesive on the surface treatment of the adhesive substance no other adhesive is so strict, but the surface of the sticky substance dust, oil should also do appropriate treatment, so as to make hot melts play a better bonding effect. Third, bonding time: Bonding Fast is a major feature of hot melts, hot melts adhesive bonding time is generally only 15 seconds or so, with the wide application of modern production line operation, the bonding time of hot melts is higher, that is, the shorter the better, such as book binding and speaker manufacturing to hot melts bonding time requirements in about 5 seconds. Four, hot melts on the temperature sensitivity: the temperature to a certain degree, hot melts began to soften, lower than a certain temperature, hot melts will become brittle, so choose hot melts must fully consider the product environment temperature changes. Five, viscous: the viscosity of hot melts early viscous and late viscous, only the early viscous and late viscous consistency, can make hot melts and the adhesive substance maintain stability. Of course, in the process of hot melts production, should ensure that it has the oxygen resistance, the halogen resistance, the acid-alkaline and the plasticity and so on, is bonded substance material's different, the hot melts the stickiness which plays the different, therefore, should according to the different material choice hot melts the rubber.Hot Melt Adhesive Sheet

                 High-strength hot-melt adhesive board has developed a new way for crop straw utilization. Its characteristic is that the wood-based panel is a directional crushing of the wheat straw, straw as the main body, with waste thermoplastic plastic prepared by hot melts as binder, after hot pressing and made of plates, which fill the wheat straw, straw and hot melts weight = ($number): ($number). The invention discloses a new technology for hot melt Adhesive application in Wood-based panel, its advantage is low cost, wide material source, simple process, small investment, great effect, economic benefit and social benefit, and is suitable for use in all kinds of wood processing plants.Hot Melt Adhesive Sheet