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Hot Melt Adhesive Sheet Market And Future Development Trend
- Jul 03, 2017 -

     As the hot melts with environmental protection, safety, rapid solidification, suitable for automatic production and other outstanding advantages, in the past more than 10 years, hot melts has been one of the fastest growing adhesive varieties. As of 2005, the world-wide hot melt adhesives have become the third largest after polymer emulsion and traditional solvent-based adhesives. Hot melts in developed areas have already accounted for a fairly high proportion of all adhesive products, the North American region is the highest, close to 20%, and in less developed areas its relatively low proportion, the reason is that environmental protection and security attention is not enough to lead to solvent-based adhesives products are still widely used, as well as the low level of industrial automation limited the development of hot melts market scale.Hot Melt Adhesive Sheet
     The hot melt adhesive for furniture is a kind of adhesive which is specially used in man-made plate, it is a kind of environment-friendly, solvent-free thermoplastic. When hot melts to a certain temperature, that is, from solid state to molten state, dangtu cloth to wood-based panel substrate or sealing material surface, cooling into solid, the material and substrate bonding together. From the late the 1970s, hot melts began to enter the wood industry, for the sealing edge, plywood core, board splicing, furniture mortise joint, etc., the early hot melt adhesive equipment mainly rely on the United States, West Germany, Italy and other countries equipment, with the maturing and stable of hot melts in our country, the choice and use of hot melt adhesive equipment suitable for each furniture factory can not only improve the quality and grade of the furniture, but also improve the production efficiency, reduce the difficulty of the renovation of the plate and lighten the labor intensity of the workers.Hot Melt Adhesive Sheet
     The global position of the Asian market is increasing, and in the context of the overall slowdown in world economic development, the global market has become a bright spot for adhesives. Adhesive application soaked into the national economy in various fields, especially the packaging field is everywhere, nothing less than, can be said that adhesives and packaging is two independent, interdependent and intimate industries, the two sides of each other as a driving force, mutual promotion. Adhesive industry itself by leaps and bounds for the community to provide a number of new varieties of excellent performance, but also to the environment brought new problems. At present, the function and application of adhesives have been paid much attention, but the environmental problems of adhesives are often neglected. Whether environmental protection has become a bottleneck for further development of adhesives, to solve the environmental pollution problem has become a top priority. Driven by environmental, health and safety factors, is widely used in footwear, packaging, construction, automotive and other fields of polyurethane adhesives, and other adhesives began to solvent-free, water-based and reactive hot-melt environment-friendly, high-performance direction, to gradually replace VOC high, toxic category. According to experts, this is also an important feature of the Asian adhesive market.Hot Melt Adhesive Sheet