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Hot Melt Adhesive Using A Background
- Mar 02, 2017 -

Hot melt adhesive is thermoplastic resin or thermoplastic elastomers as the main ingredients, add the plasticizer and tackifier resins, additives, flame retardants and filler composition, made by melting and mixing of solid adhesive that contains no solvents. For its nontoxic, pollution-free, convenient for prepared adhesives market development direction, world production has been on the rise, the growth rate in the various types of adhesive for high, variety and diversity, and is used more and more widely.

Ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) hot melt Adhesive preparation method, widely used in mechanical packaging, furniture making, shoe, perfect binding, electronic components and supplies bonding, quickly became the most widely used in hot-melt adhesives, the largest amount of a kind. In 1960 by the DuPont company's first production in industry, naming the product for Elvax, after the UCC and the USI and the

Bayer, ICI, Monsanto and other companies have been producing this kind of product.

EVA hot-melt Adhesive cohesion, surface tension of molten, to almost all of the material to a hot glue relay, and has excellent drug resistance, thermal stability, resistance and electrical properties, bonding quickly, wide application, non-toxic, no pollution while being "green adhesive", causing more and more concern.