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Matters Needing Attention Of EVA Hot-melt Adhesive
- Mar 02, 2017 -

1. understanding and mastering the various models and technical properties of EVA hot-melt Adhesive (including technical data). Models of hot-melt Adhesive, curing the opening hours at different times, especially to distinguish strictly between the rubber and the adhesive used in winter period in the summer, the temperature is not the same as its opening, curing time also vary.

2. the use of EVA hot-melt Adhesive do not use open flame heating, be sure to use oil heat (the boiling point of water at 100 degrees c), or in sealed plate heating.

3. solid EVA hot-melt Adhesive before use, after passing the preheater preheating for first, and then release the adhesive glue used inside plastic boxes. Preheat time is around 2 hours. Shall not glue glue adhesive cartridge directly added into solid plastic blocks (that is not preheated plastic) preventing the melting colloidal gel illiquid or there is no coating on the back, resulting in uneven coating effects and appearance quality of books.

4. Preheat plastic pots of glue to master proper, plus too much gel turns molten, aging will make it go bad, viscosity, adhesion effect.

5. within the open time of hot melt Adhesive, bonding procedures to be completed, if in case of downtime, to timely remove books within the book, paying particular attention to the coating shall not stay the book above the wheel.

6. in long repair wireless adhensive device, glue and glue pot should be closed to prevent colloids of aging.

7. the temperature of the molten gel, must be strictly controlled in the context of use.