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Performance Analysis Of EVA Hot Melt Glue Sheet
- Aug 15, 2017 -

     Eva is a plastic material consisting of ethylene (E) and vinyl acetate (VA). The ratio of these two chemical substances can be adjusted to meet different application needs, the higher the content of vinyl acetate, the greater the transparency, flexibility and toughness will be relatively improved. Ethylene/Vinyl acetate copolymer. Ethylene-Vinyl acetate copolymer (also known as ethylene-a vinyl acetate copolymer) is made from ethylene (E) and vinyl acetate (VA) copolymerization, referred to as Eva, or E/vac. Polymerization method by high-pressure bulk polymerization (plastic), solution polymerization (PVC processing AIDS).EVA Hot Melt Glue Sheet
    The content of ethylene acetate (VA) was higher than 30% by emulsion polymerization, and the low content of vinyl acetate was polymerized by high pressure body. Eva is widely used. In general, the content of ethylene acetate under 5% of Eva, the main products are thin film, wire and cable LDPE modifier, adhesives, etc., acetic acid ethylene content in 5%-10% Eva products for elastic film; ethylene acetate content in 20%-28% Eva, mainly used for hot-melt adhesives and coating products; vinyl acetate at 5%-45%, the main products for film (including agricultural film) and sheet, injection molding, molded products, foam products, such as hot melt adhesives. is widely used in foam shoes, functional film, packaging mold, hot melt adhesives, wire and cable and toys and other fields.EVA Hot Melt Glue Sheet
    At room temperature is usually solid, heated to a certain degree when molten into a liquid, once cooled to the melting point, and quickly become a solid, (that is, cured); with fast curing, low pollution, strong adhesion, adhesive layer has a certain flexibility, hardness, and a certain degree of toughness; the glue is applied to the adhesive to cool and solidify the glue layer, but also can be heated and melted again, again into the adhesive and bonded with the adhesive, with a certain degree of viscosity; when used, as long as the hot melt adhesive heating melting into the the required liquid, and apply it to the glued object, After compression in a few seconds to complete bonding curing, in a few minutes to achieve the degree of hardening cooling and drying.EVA Hot Melt Glue Sheet