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The Melting Point Of Hot Melt Adhesive Sheet
- Oct 11, 2017 -

Polyester nylon melting point mostly in the 200 * C above, can not meet the needs of clothing lining. The melting point range of the garment polyamide hot melt is about 100 ~ 125 * C and the melt index is 20g (160 * c, 2.16kg, 10min). Therefore, the garment polyamide hot melt adhesive is multi-copolymerized nylon. By increasing the regularity of the macromolecules, the disorder of the intermolecular arrangement increases, thereby reducing the melting point of the polymer, and the melt index can be improved. Imports of polyamide hot melt adhesive is the most widely used by the nylon a 6, nylon a 66, nylon 12 raw materials from a total of copper polycondensation of the product (PA6 / 662), the application of these products are excellent performance.Hot Melt Adhesive Sheet

The so-called molecular capping agent is an aromatic (unit) carboxylic acid, the presence of blocking agent molecules can prevent the polycondensation reaction to continue, so by increasing the amount of blocking agent to control the average molecular weight of the polymer , Which affects the melting point and melt index of the hot melt. The antioxidant is a strong reducing agent that does not allow the presence of oxygen during the polycondensation process. Therefore, before the reaction is started, the reactor is evacuated and filled into inert Gas (such as nitrogen), but taking into account the kettle can not be completely replaced by air, so to add antioxidants to remove residual oxygen in the reactor.Hot Melt Adhesive Sheet Anti-aging agent is also a reducing agent, its role is to slow down the hot melt in the course of the use of air, sunlight and other effects of aging process; fluorescent whitening agent to give hot melt fluorescence, and a certain whitening effect. Hot melt tape fluorescent, in the lining production process, easy to UV lamp under the coating effect to observe, so as to monitor the quality of lining production, but also for the lining of the final inspection points to provide a convenient; the so-called coagulant, also known as Nuclear agent, is a stable performance of inorganic salts, its role is in the hot melt during the solidification process to play a "nucleus" role, thereby enhancing the rate of solidification. Hot melt adhesive This thermoplastic material is poor, the molecular mass distribution range is wide, the rate of re-solidification after melting is often very slow, so it is necessary to take certain coagulation measures.Hot Melt Adhesive Sheet