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The Preservation Method Of Hot Melt Adhesive Sheet
- Sep 06, 2017 -

     Effective substances ≥/(%) active use period (min), operating temperature 6 (℃) shelf life of 12 (months), the implementation of standard/CAS SGS, Surface treatment: the ground floor must be dry, the floors of the mouth (bump and bad) must be clean, no oil or other dust accumulation. Usage: Cut the tip of the bottle, evenly apply glue to the convex tenon or groove in the floor, then fully press the convex tenon into the groove, the extra glue must be wiped off immediately or 5-15 minutes later with a plastic shovel.Hot Melt Adhesive Sheet
     Note: Should be in the air relative humidity is higher than 75%, the temperature above 5 degrees Celsius environment under construction, do not put the excess plastic liquid into the sewer; This product is suitable for heating floor, but the construction method is different, welcome to obtain relevant information. Technical index: Color: white, Ph: about 3, specific gravity: 1.0g/ml. Waiting time: About 15 minutes, depending on the humidity and temperature of the air. Final coagulation time: ≤24h, after final coagulation can withstand temperature: ≤ 60 degrees Celsius. Water resistance characteristics: polymer modified polymer, good fluidity, fast solid, high strength, waterproof, can resist daily damp. Application: All kinds of laminate flooring, or parquet joints paste installation. Color: milky white. Packing: 500gx24 branch.Hot Melt Adhesive Sheet
     The use of temperature range -30~+50℃. Characteristics of bonding quickly, non-toxic, convenient storage and transportation. The main applications are suitable for bonding of PP, polyethylene and other refractory materials. can also be used for plastic, Jinzhen ceramic, wood, paper, such as bonding or mutual bonding ℃kd-1p type suitable for PP woven bag bonding. The construction craft CKD-1 type will glue heats to the l50~17013, after melts the brushing on the surface which is glued, by the scale if can preheat to the 40~60℃, the bonding effect is better. Close the hot. Pressure above 7kPa. Natural cooling curing, time l~4min. The ckd-1p type can be placed in a hot melt gun and then coated and bonded after being heated and melted.Hot Melt Adhesive Sheet