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Tpu Hot Adhesive With Fabric Both Side

Tpu Hot Adhesive With Fabric Both Side

tpu hot adhesive with fabric both side

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Product Details

Basic Information:

Material: tpu hot adhesive with fabric both side


Thickness: 0.4mm to 2.0mm

Temperature: 60°C-90°C

Color: white, blue, green or customized


Size: 1Y*1Y/ 1M*1.5M/sheet or as you required.

·         Feature:

Rigid but good flexibility

·         Solvent free, no additional adhesive required;

·         Full recycled, lower activation temperature;

·         Both side bonding;

·         It can be supplied in pairs which already cut and skived.  what        you need to do is provide us your toe puff and counters paper pattern, then will get the cut and skived pairs by pairs.

3) Usage:

1. Cut the hot melt sheet into certain shape based on the different requirements of shoes;


2. Use heat and cool machine to pre forming, the heat mould temperature set to 115-120°C, keep 10s( up to the type of the upper material);

*after heating, put it into cold Mold, remain 15-20s, temperature to be -5°C




Test Report:

All our products has pass SGS test and reached the European Environmental protection standard.



Package & Shipping

Packing: white polybag in roll or in sheet 

1.sheet: specification: 1m*1m or 1m*1.5m

               500-1000 sheets by pallets as requried by different thickness.


2. roll: 40 or50 yard per roll or according to customers' requirements

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